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A Prediction Tool for Mode of Delivery in Twin Pregnancies – A Secondary Analysis of the Twin Birth Study

One of the controversies regarding the management of twin gestations relates to the mode of delivery. Currently, counseling regarding the mode of delivery and the chance of successful vaginal twin delivery is based on the average risk of intrapartum cesarean delivery (CD) in the general population of twin pregnancies. Decision support tools that provide an individualized risk of intrapartum CD based on the unique characteristics of each patient can improve counseling and decision-making regarding the choice of mode of delivery in twin pregnancies.

The Racial Disparity of Severe Maternal Morbidity Across Weeks of Gestation: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the 2019 National Inpatient Sample

Severe maternal morbidity (SMM) is increasing in the United States. Black women experience the highest rates of SMM and also of preterm births, which are associated with SMM. The racial disparity of SMM across weeks of gestation has not been well-studied.