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A multicenter randomized clinical trial of pharmacological vitamin B1 administration to critically ill patients who develop hypophosphatemia during enteral nutrition (The THIAMINE 4 HYPOPHOSPHATEMIA trial)

Hypophosphatemia may be a useful biomarker to identify thiamine deficiency in critically ill enterally-fed patients. The objective was to determine whether intravenous thiamine affects blood lactate, biochemical and clinical outcomes in this group.

Postprandial concentration of circulating branched chain amino acids are able to predict the carbohydrate content of the ingested mixed meal.

The amount of the macronutrients protein and carbohydrate (CHO) in a mixed meal is known to affect each other’s digestion, absorption, and subsequent metabolism. While the effect of the amount of dietary protein and fat on the glycemic response is well studied, the ability of postprandial plasma amino acid patterns to predict the meal composition is unknown.

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