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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on orthognathic patients; – what have we learned?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic orthognathic surgery was suspended in the UK. The effect this had on patients, to date, is unknown. Aim: A multi-centre, cross-sectional survey was conducted in the UK to investigate the health-related impact for patients on the orthognathic surgery pathway, including those on the waiting list for surgery. Method: A structured questionnaire was designed to explore the impact of the pandemic on the patients whose orthognathic treatment was temporarily cancelled. Results: Ninety-five questionnaires were returned giving a response rate of 65%.

Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Located in the Isthmus with Delphian Lymph Node Metastasis

Papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTCs) arising from the isthmus have aggressive clinical and pathological features, especially Delphian lymph node (DLN), is associated with poor overall survival and disease-specific survival of head and neck cancers. In present study, we evaluated clinicopathologic characteristics in DLN-positive isthmus PTCs and its lymph node metastasis pattern in 1305 isthmus PTC patients in our hospital from January 2016 to July 2019, 195 in 1305 patients (14.9%) got DLN-positive isthmus PTCs.

How effective is the thick plate on stabilization in 10 mm mandibular advancement?

We compared the stability and stress analysis of four different fixation methods after SSRO in mandible models. In the first model(1P1B), we adapted a 4-hole 2.0mm standard mini-plate on the osteotomy line and one bicortical screw from the top. In the second model(2P), we placed two 4-hole 2.0mm standard mini-plates above and below the osteotomy line. In the third model(3B), we applied three inverted L-shaped bicortical screws, and in the last model(1RP1B) we used a 4-hole mini-plate with an increased thickness on the osteotomy line and one bicortical screw from the top.

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