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Obesity Without Metabolic Abnormality and Incident CKD: A Population-Based British Cohort Study

Risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of complications of obesity like cardiovascular disease, stroke and kidney disease. Previously, we reported that obese individuals without these risk factors have higher risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. In this study of 4.5 million individuals from the UK, we have compared overweight and obese individuals without these metabolic risk factors to those who are of normal weight. We report that these individuals with overweight and obesity, even in the absence of metabolic abnormality, have a high risk of developing chronic kidney disease...

Comparison of Dialysis Unit and Home Blood Pressures: An Observational Cohort Study

Prior studies of patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis have shown that, on average, BP measured predialysis is higher than BP measured at home. We hypothesized that a subset of hemodialysis patients has BPs, when measured at home, that are higher than when measured predialysis. Further, we hypothesized that this subgroup of patients has a higher prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy.

The Clinicopathological Spectrum of Kidney Lesions in Chikungunya Fever: A Report of 5 Cases With Kidney Biopsy

Chikungunya nephropathy is an uncommon etiology of acute kidney injury, associated with the mosquito-borne Chikungunya arbovirus (CHIKV). The very limited number of pathological reports to date have only involved postmortem analyses. We here report five cases of acute kidney injury for which kidney biopsies were performed in patients with confirmed acute CHIKV infection, during the recent outbreak of Chikungunya disease in the French West Indies. The patients ranged from 42 to 76 years of age. All of the patients developed kidney injury, three of whom required transient kidney dialysis and underwent a kidney biopsy.

Financial Hardship Among Nonelderly Adults With CKD in the United States

Due to their chronic nature and rising healthcare cost, adults with diseases like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease often have difficulty paying their medical bills. This financial hardship has not been extensively explored among patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). We used nationally representative data from the National Health Interview Survey to explore this phenomenon. Our findings show that one in two non-elderly adults with CKD in the US either have difficulty paying their medical bills or cannot pay them at all. Although the uninsured were more likely to report this problem, individuals who were insured also face this challenge....

Peritoneal Dialysis Use in Patients With Ascites: A Review

Past few decades have seen steady increase in the prevalence of kidney failure (KF), needing kidney replacement therapy. Concomitantly, there has been progressive growth of heart failure and chronic liver disease, and many such patients develop ascites. Therefore, it is not uncommon to encounter patients with KF who concurrently have ascites. The presence of ascites adds many challenges in the management of KF. Poor hemodynamics make volume management difficult. Presence of coagulopathy, malnutrition and encephalopathy compounds the complexity of the management.

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