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The American Journal of Surgery

Maximizing the effectiveness of scribes in surgical practices

Surgeons are spending increasing amounts of time on non-patient facing responsibilities such as electronic health record (EHR) documentation, coding, and inter-office communication. The burden of documentation is a significant contributor to burnout, which adversely affects surgeons’ work satisfaction, productivity, and personal wellness. Scribes can help reduce the clerical burden experienced by surgeons. Studies have shown that scribes increase work satisfaction, reduce EHR documentation time, improve provider productivity, and increase work relative value units (wRVUs).

Gender disparities among leadership in academic surgical publishing over the past decade

Women account for 19 % of practicing surgeons in the United States, with representation decreasing with higher academic rank. Less is known about the proportion of women in editorial leadership positions at surgical journals. The objective of this study was to examine gender representation among editorial leadership at high-impact surgical journals.

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