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What constitutes a successful retirement? Invited commentary on: Anteby and coauthors, passing the scalpel: Lessons on retirement planning from retired academic surgeons

Anteby and coauthors interviewed a select group of senior academic surgeons and, by detailed analysis of these interviews, have provided some valuable insights on the transition to retirement from active academic practice.1 Expected elements of the data included emphasis on the need for early planning, the important role of a structured support system within academic departments to assist in retirement planning, and the need for individual surgeons to decide what financial and personal assets will be needed to assure a “successful retirement.”

Every ounce counts: A call for comprehensive support for breastfeeding surgeons by the Association of Women Surgeons

Breastfeeding is a vital component of global health. Breastmilk is the optimal nutrition for infants, and breastfeeding confers unparalleled health benefits to women and children including decreased infant mortality and morbidity from infectious diseases, sudden infant death syndrome, necrotizing enterocolitis, leukemia, and chronic illnesses as well as lower rates of maternal breast and ovarian cancers and chronic diseases.1 Tragically, no country in the world meets minimum standards for breastfeeding established by the Global Breastfeeding Collective, led by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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