About Us


We facilitate in building knowledge base and create an environment to facilitate ease of sharing. In Medical field, nothing can surpass the practical knowledge. Each Doctor has unique experience and hence each Doctor develops different expertise.

These expertise helps next generation of Doctors in taking a step further. Indomixity channelizes such efforts and ensures it reaches to the masses. We make use of the online and offline channels to share the knowledge with the help of Doctors.

We are open for association with individual Indian Doctors as well as Indian Medical Societies in creating, connecting and collaborating. Feel free to drop a mail at info@indoximity.com.


We’re a group of highly motivated individuals with a common mission to help create and collaborate medical knowledge with ease of sharing and accessibility. We have vast experience of knowledge management in digital media for all major specialties. Our team has worked with Regional, National and International Medical Societies to ease the process of creating and collaborating knowledge base.

Content is created and collaborated online as well as offline. It is converted to simpler form which ensure better reach and far better accessibility. Relevant information is not only at your fingertips but flexible enough to share your views on it.

To experience the next wave of knowledge sharing in India, become a part of Indoximity.