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INDoximity is a free medical knowledge-sharing platform for Indian Doctors. Medical knowledge is an intangible asset that drives medical evolution. Peer-reviewed Medical Journals and Textbooks are the main sources of authentic knowledge. But nothing can replace an experience gained through clinical practice. This differentiates each and every Doctor. Each Doctor can share their expertise with fellow fraternity colleagues and can become a source of knowledge.

INDoximity helps Doctors exchange and share their expertise on a one-to-one or in groups. INDoximity knowledge sharing is based on three pillars: Create, Connect and Collaborate.

Create new content with your expertise and experience

Connect with other Doctors via chat and forum

Collaborate with the same specialty or other specialty experts


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These three pillars provides Accessibility, Interactivity, Research Articles and Smart File Indexing [AIRS].

ACCESSIBILITY: Ease of accessibility of information with no time, nor location constraint. Doctors are always mobile, that demands flexibility in accessing the information. Complex formats need to be simplified and delivered in every possible platform. INDoximity simplifies the accessibility of knowledge across various platforms, promptly.

INTERACTIVITY: Most of the channels of information are one way like Journals, Text-books, Digital Knowledge Hub, etc. Where many a time, queries remain unresolved. Discussion is one of the best ways to update. INDoximity, here, provides a dedicated network of Indian Doctors to share their experience on one-to-one chats or making a group or a forum of inter-specialty Doctors and have an interesting discussion. Create your profile to access the real power of INDoximity.

RESEARCH ARTICLES: Gamut of information is available online, but all spread across different sites. Keeping track of all updates is a time-consuming process, as well as chances of missing out, is possible. INDoximity provides Journal Scan from various peer-reviewed Journals covering major medical specialties at one place. You can surf and read the latest reference articles linked directly to the original publisher. The same reference articles can be discussed in INDoximity forum and INDoximity groups.

SMART FILE INDEXING: Last but not least, indexing plays a vital role in segregating all the information in a simple form. It speeds up accessibility and eases cross-referencing. Time spent to search for articles is minimized to a greater extent. INDoximity has segregated Journal Scan not only as per Medical Specialty (See the top Menu for Journal Scan Specialty-wise) and Journal Names but also as per widely used tags. Make the best use of the search bar to explore the power of INDoximity.